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Pre-Flight, a 501(c)(3) founded in 2009, is an academic adventure based on principals of flight bringing S.T.E.M. to life with excitement to youths (gr 6-12). Individual competencies are challenged, team capacities are discovered, and youths build on critical thinking skills towards investigating hypotheses for flight, life and encouraged towards a life-time of achievements. Youths are engaged in safe but tangible virtual, simulated experiences which are translated into mental & physical performance adaptations either in their classrooms, skies, land, and seas.

We welcome your  comments, interests, concerns and challenges to Admin@Pre-Flight.us

Your generous donations via check or money order to YBSE Pre-Flight Inc are fully tax deductable and encouraged.  Tax deductable direct deposts can also be arranged with SONA Bank.



STEM Manifest (Science Technology Engineering Math)