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I’m just getting started so please be patient.  I’ll be adding my favourite recipes, posts about food, markets, festivals and restaurants.

I will also be including posts on interesting food finds both in the UK and wherever I travel.

I hope you will enjoy this food journey with me!

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An American born in Kansas City, I’ve been living in the UK since 1996.  I have a passion for food and travel.  Not professionally trained, but I have been cooking since I was about five and grew up being in the kitchen helping to cook, canning and otherwise enjoying food.

Proper American BBQ is one of my specialities.  I have been grilling and smoking meats for more than 25 years and was lucky enough to spend some time with Paul Kirk (Kansas City Baron of BBQ).  I’m a proud member of the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

In addition to cooking, my wife and I share a passion for entertaining. We regularly host themed dinner parties.  This often serves as inspiration for new cooking ideas.

Kitchen Tips

Useful conversions, replacements, tips and other kitchen hints.

Volume Conversions

Cups – Ounces – Tablespoons – Teaspoons – Millilitre

1 cup8 fl oz16 tbsp48 tsp237 ml
3/4 cup6 fl oz12 tbsp36 tsp177 ml
2/3 cup5 fl oz10 tbsp32 tsp158 ml
1/2 cup4 fl oz8 tbsp24 tsp118 ml
1/3 cup3 fl oz5 tbsp16 tsp79 ml
1/4 cup2 fl oz4 tbsp12 tsp59 ml
1/8 cup1 fl oz2 tbsp6 tsp30 ml
1/16 cup0.5 fl oz1 tbsp3 tsp15 ml

Temperature Conversions

Gas MarkCelciusFarenheit 
1140° C275° F
2150° C300° FLOW
3170° C325° F
4180° C350° FMODERATE
5190° C375° F
6200° C400° F
7220° C425° FHOT
8230° C450° F
9240° C475° FVERY HOT

Weight Conversions

1 Kilogram = 35 ounces = 2.2 pounds

1/16 lb1 oz28 gm
1/4 lb4 oz113 gm
3/8 lb6 oz170 gm
1/2 lb8 oz227 gm
5/8 lb10 oz283 gm
3/4 lb12 oz340 gm
7/8 lb14 oz397 gm
1 lb16 oz454 gm
2 lb32 oz908 gm

Recommended Cooking Temperature

DescriptionMinimumMediumWell Done
Beef145° F / 63° C160° F / 71° C170° F / 77° C
Lamb145° F / 63° C160° F / 71° C170° F / 77° C
Pork145° F / 63° C160° F / 71° C170° F / 77° C
Chicken165° F / 74° C

Common USA to UK  Measurements

1 cup flour = 125g flour
1 cup butter = 225g butter
1 cup brown sugar = 170g brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar = 170g granulated sugar
1 cup icing sugar = 100g icing sugar
1 cup uncooked rice = 170g rice
1 cup chopped nuts = 100g chopped nuts
1 cup chocolate chips = 170g chocolate chips
1 cup fresh breadcrumbs = 150g fresh breadcrumbs
1 cup raisins = 140g sultanas

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