A Message for You from Mary Magdalene

Dear one,

It is my wish and hope that my story touches your heart in ways that soothe and open it to the sweet riches of your life. As you can see from my life, despite hardships, loss and obstacles, the heart can love, can reach out, can transform pain into beauty.

Let your heart, the core of your being, lead you to soften your responses, your awareness, your being. Make your purpose to find what touches your heart. It is everywhere.

Let your open heart tell you who you are. I promise you will be happier for it. Your world will change, brighten, and seem more generous and kind.

Now, and every day, allow your heart to open and bring you home to the true you.

Much love,

Mary Magdalene

A Heart Opening Prayer to Mary Magdalene

Dear Mary, please open my heart. Touch me now, and with your touch may I allow my heart, and all I am, to open. May I release all resistance, lay down all burdens, and simply be in the blessings and brilliance of my open heart, embraced by the true love of spirit, of being, of all that is. May I see only beauty. May I know only compassion. May I be only love, the love … styling

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New: The Mary Magdalene Book

Announcing our new book just out: The Mary Magdalene Book, available now on with the “Look Inside” feature. Take a look! This one is Mary Magdalene’s same story, but this time her story alone, Mary’s enheartening message in her own words, so clear and compelling, straight through with no distractions. She moves me so! I loved the interplay between Mary’s story with Maggie’s in the first book. Now I love the very different experience … Continue reading

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New Mary Magdalene Book

When I first wrote down Mary Magdalene’s words, I assumed it would be published as just that, her words and story. But then my experiment with writing Maggie Blume’s fictional story, wrapped around and woven through Mary’s, felt so right that the resulting book, Mary Magdalene’s Words, is a combination of both, two women’s spiritual journey, both truth and fiction, both ancient and now. Their experiences, growth, and understanding echo and dance, layering together and … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene’s Journey

When Mary Magdalene went back out on the road after staying unusually long with one family, she realized how settled she had become. It had been easy to be part of a household, absorbed into its rhythms and patterns, and benefiting from its stability. When we leave the security of the familiar, we abandon habit and sure-footedness, we surrender boundaries and expectation, we give up ordinary and easy. We step into challenge and surprise and … Continue reading

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(267) 880-5220

Do you allow limitations in your life that keep you from expressing your full, true self? In this excerpt from Mary Magdalene’s Words, Maggie Blume questions being penned in versus being free. As you read, you might allow your own thoughts of ways you close yourself down. Sometimes, when the breeze was just right, Maggie could hear the wolves howling from the Nature Center. She had visited them several times in the fall, sat with … Continue reading

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The Healer with Extra Hands

(This new post for Mary’s Inner Circle is an excerpt from the book Mary Magdalene’s Words: Two Women’s Spiritual Journey, Both Truth and Fiction, Both Ancient and Now, page 116.) By the time Maggie met her, Amy Wilmot had been through two years of surgeries and chemo and radiation that had done a lot of damage. She was scheduled to go to Texas for more abdominal surgery in August. Amy was beautiful inside and out. … Continue reading

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